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Transfer of Statements to Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Sunderland will make the transfer from Statements and Learning Disability Assessments (139as) to EHC Plans by 31 April 2018.  The transfers will take place at the end of each Key Stage or move into a new phase of education, between 1st September 2014 and 31st April 2018 for children and young people who continue to require special educational provision. 

During the transition period from September 2014 to April 2018, Local Authorities must continue to maintain Statements and review them annually until they are transferred to EHC plans.  The Statement will only cease to have effect once an Education, Health and Care Plan has been made. 

Please see the Transition Plan on the right hand side of this page under Related Links to find out when your child will be transferred to an EHC plan. 

Help and Support for Families 

You can get free help and support from a trained Independent Supporter to work with you throughout the EHC plan assessment period. They can explain each stage, help you get your views across and ensure you take an active lead role in the process. 

In Sunderland Independent Support Workers from Sunderland Carers’ Centre will with families whose children/young people are transferring from an SEN Statement or Learning Disability Assessment on to an EHC plan. They will also provide support to those new to the EHC process.

To access this support, please contact the Independent Support Workers:

Sunderland Carers Centre
Telephone: 0191 549 5095

In addition advice and guidance about more complex cases and mediation between families and the Local Authority and schools can be accessed from Sunderland SEND Information, Advice and Support Service. 

Children and young people up to the age of 25 can also access information and support themselves from Sunderland SEND Children and Young People’s Information, Advice and Support Service.  The service offers direct and impartial and confidential support and advice in relation to SEND, education or training.   

To access these support services, please contact the Sunderland SEND Information, Advice and Support Service:

Caroline Comer
Telephone: 0191 561 5643



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