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Work, learning and volunteering

Services to help you learn new skills, access free computers and the support you need to use them.


Digital Inclusion
Digital inclusion is about having the right access, skills, motivation and trust to go online confidently. 

There are many benefits for developing these skills, from staying connected with family and friends, improving your health and wellbeing, to accessing learning and job opportunities and having a wider choice of products at lower prices when shopping online. 

Please click on the Digital skills link to the right of the page to access more information and support about being digitally included.

Employment support
Finding and applying for jobs can be hard but if you had the skills to search and apply online it can make the process easier and offer more opportunities. 

To learn more please click on the link finding a job online this training is provided free on the Learn My Way website.  Or you can click on the link Employment support to the right of the page and access a list of local support providers.


Local courses and training
There are a variety of courses available in Sunderland to help develop your skills.  Please click on the Local courses and training link to the right of the page to access a list of providers.


If you like helping others you may be interested in volunteering.  Whether it's in a club or at an event taking place in Sunderland, it's a great opportunity to gain experience and be part of a team.

Please click on the Volunteering link to the right of the page to access a list of providers who welcome the support of volunteers.

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