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Caring for someone

Information, services and support organisations to help Carers look after themselves as well as the person they care for. 


Carers are unpaid people who care for a friend or family member because they have an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction and cannot cope without their support.


Carer Groups
Carers can become cut off from friends and outside interests and often feel isolated.  Going to carer groups with others in similar situations can be a comfort, for more information please visit Sunderland Carers Centre/Carer Groups.


Carer Assessment
This is an opportunity to discuss how being a carer affects your life, identify any changes to be made and how to be supported to achieve these.  This can be done between the carer and an assessor face to face, via the phone or by completing the self-assessment online.  For more information please visit Sunderland Carers Centre/Carers Assessment


Planning for emergencies
Carers can worry what will happen to the person they care for if they are suddenly taken ill or have an accident.   Sunderland Carers Centre offer carers an Emergency Contact Card scheme which provides carers and the people they care for with an opportunity to plan in advance for emergencies and who should be contacted in an emergency.  To discuss how you can be supported and how to complete a carers emergency contact card application form, please visit Sunderland Carers Centre/Planning for emergencies

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