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Living at home

Services, support organisations and equipment suppliers to help you with aspects of daily life, retain independence and live well for longer in your home.


Equipment to help with daily life
You can find out online what equipment would make your life easier by using a website called "AskSara".  It will ask you a few questions and based on your answers, will suggest equipment that could help you; it will also show you who you can buy the equipment from.

Finding and buying equipment online
There are different ways you can find and buy equipment.  They can be recommended and bought through Ask Sara or you already know what you need and just need to find a supplier through our Alarms, living aids and equipment category.

Get an assessment from us
If your needs are more complex, we can work out what equipment would help you by asking you a few questions.  We will work out the best solution for you - this is what we call an assessment, click online assessment to fill this in.

We also have specialist teams who work with you to maintain your independence:

  • The Community Therapy Service: Work with adults and children who have disabilities and help them to find ways of living independently.  If you are starting to find every day activities more difficult, the Independent Living Team will make an appointment to visit you in your own home and undertake an assessment of your needs. 
  • The Reablement Service: Help people achieve independence in the activities that are central to daily living.  Support is a short term intervention that is focussed on building confidence and regaining lost skills.
  • Sunderland's Wheelchair Assessment Team:  They aim to find equipment that provides mobility, comfort, safety and most importantly, independence. They also provide advice and support for adults and children who wish to buy their own wheelchair or be provided with one through the scheme funded by the NHS. 
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